Talent Agents:

We Book Your Talent With No Fee Split*


Automatic Submission Means No Card Pulls

Your talent are submitted automatically to all projects that match their demographics. You are included in all communications about their portfolio, and only with you for Holds and Bookings.


Your Talent, Your Agency, Our Projects

Your talent are branded with your agency in the Soup and with self-service tools, your talent can see how your representation maximizes their marketability. Each portfolio has a "Book Me" button that directs potential clients to you for booking information.


Talent Build & Maintain, You Curate

Your talent build their own portfolio, while you curate their work with complete editorial control. This allows you to manage a larger number of talent while working closely with the talent who maintain their portfolio.

Fee Split: 0%*
Agency Cost: $0

Get Your Talent In Front Of Our Projects

  • Automatic Submission Of Your Talent
    no packages to build
  • Powerful Talent Portfolio
    they create, you curate
  • You Are In Control
    all communications go through you
  • Unlimited Number Of Registered Talent
    grow your agency with ease
  • Talent Self-Marketing Tools
    help your talent find more work
  • Your Agency Storefront
    shows off your represented talent
  • * Our Fee (See Example)
    your talent paying $9 monthly qualify for 0%
  • Agency Monthly Fee
    we only charge your talent monthly

Agency Free beta

  • CheckAutomatic Submission of Your Talent
    no packages to build
  • CheckTalent Portfolios
    they create, you curate
  • CheckTotal Control
    all communications go through you
  • Check
    Unlimited Number Of Registered Talent
    (automatically submitted)
  • CheckSelf-Marketing Tools
    help your talent find more work
  • CheckAgency Storefront
  • 0%*Our Fee (See Below)
    we typically pay within 7 days
  • $0 / Free / Zip (Unlimited time)

After You Register: Simply invite your talent to create their portfolio. You can use the Invite Talent tab in your new account. Or simply email them our site link and instruct them to list your Agency Name in the "How Did You Hear About TalentSoup?" box during sign up.

Remember, your talent registering as Pro ($9 a month) will qualify your agency for 100% (talent plus agency fees) pass through, without any split fees. Your talent that signup for free, with the Entry account, will have fees applied upon booking.

*Agency Fee Split - 0% or 10%

Let's say we book one of your talent for a print shoot valued at $5,000 + 20% agency. Gross booking value is $6000. Your talent with a Pro ($9 a month) account, have all payments (talent + agency) issued to you. Your talent with our free account (Entry) are charged 10% of the Gross Booking Value.

Your Talent Sign Up For: Net Your Payment
Pro Account ($9 month): 100% $6,000
Entry Account ($0 month): 90% $5,400