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TH (Smyrna, GA)  almost 13 years ago

Does anyone know about the lifestyle project?

df (Buford, GA)  almost 13 years ago

I had forgotten my password for a while and just now got back on here and see that it says I was considered fohis Lifestyle project. Shouldnt someone have contacted me about it or are we only contacted if we actually get the parts?

df (Buford, GA)  almost 13 years ago

So, I just posted new pics and realized that my husband and I would have been perfect for this procect! Uhggg.....

TH (Smyrna, GA)  almost 13 years ago

What information can you tell me about the lifestyle project? Is it an ad, commercial, etc? What are they looking for? What does it pay?

TH (Smyrna, GA)  almost 13 years ago

How are you notified if a client is interested in your look?

TH (Smyrna, GA)  almost 13 years ago


TB (Buford, GA)  almost 13 years ago

I noticed on my profile that I had not been submitted for the lifestyle project even though I fit the criteria, any reason?

JW (Atlanta, GA)  almost 13 years ago

It doesnt seem that I was submitted either. Is that due to my profile being new?

TH (Smyrna, GA)  almost 13 years ago

@Rad.....can't wait to get feedback on my pics and some suggestions!

AL (Atlanta, GA)  almost 13 years ago

I live within a few miles of Jasper, Georgia, but see no sign that I was considered for this project either. How do we know? This would have been fabulous for me. Ann K. Lukens/

sb (Atlanta, GA)  almost 13 years ago

I see that I was submitted three times for the lifestyle project, one of the times being yesterday. I understand that they were contacting the top 25 yesterday, and I was wondering if i may have been a top 25 person and just didn't receive my email(because of being considered on 6/24)? Thank you,
Shanequa Brunson

er (Decatur, GA)  almost 13 years ago

Although I am in Conyers, I have no problem with traveling more than 50 miles for shoots. Submitted profile and pic. today. thanks E.

SC (Lithonia, GA)  almost 13 years ago

I was considered for the lifestyle project, but hasn't received any phone calls or email.

AY (Atlanta, GA)  almost 13 years ago

Rad is "rad". Period. Dude is always answering questions with a great disposition. It makes newbies like me feel a lot more comfy with the process. I'm happy to be part of the 'rue' in the talent stew.

sb (Atlanta, GA)  almost 13 years ago

Thanks rad! I just thought it was the same one because it said "lifestyle project".

AM (Canton, GA)  over 12 years ago

I haven't been considered for any projects yet. I thought I would at least have been considered for the lifestyle project. When will I know when I am?

SC (Lithonia, GA)  over 12 years ago

Thanks Rad. I just thought submitted means you were booked and will be contacted. I guess I will have to continue waiting for that call.

JW (Atlanta, GA)  over 12 years ago

Rad thanks for beig so willing and helpful wit all of the questions and for responding to mine.

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