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JG (Atlanta, GA)  over 12 years ago

How am I supposed to know when I am considered for a prject? Via email or phone call?

MJ (Snellville, GA)  over 12 years ago

I haven't gotten any projects.

AJ (COLUMBUS, MS)  over 12 years ago

Please e-mail of in project opportunty. I just finished a project in a Film in which i protray a Judge.

mb (Mc Donough, GA)  about 12 years ago

how do clients search through such a huge database
mike bohanan

JC (Atlanta, GA)  about 12 years ago

my question is age related. Are we submitted for the age you actually are or what shows in the profile? It seems that the new year rolled ages forward even if you haven't had a birthday yet this year.

JC (Atlanta, GA)  about 12 years ago

thanks for the quick response.

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