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LD (Atlanta, GA)  almost 12 years ago

Being very new to this, I'm not quite sure how this industry works with regards to talent-agent relationships. On a couple of shoots, I've been asked "who is your agent" or "which agency are you with?" I'm not sure how to answer this question. Should (or can) I consider TalentSoup an agent of mine?

And would there be any conflict with me getting another agent? I would presume models typically have multiple agents working for them to maximize their reach, but I don't know if agents in this industry have 'exclusivity' clauses or anything like that.

LD (Atlanta, GA)  almost 12 years ago

Does anybody have suggestions or tips on how to approach agencies regarding exclusivity? Or, what agencies are reputable and willing to work with talent without an exclusivity clause? I don't want to waste my time calling or visiting any agencies if they will only work on an exclusive basis.

In my case I have been doing lifestyle type work, I don't think I'm suited for runway or fashion work. I want to stay on TalentSoup but also take advantage of any other avenues that can get me work without causing any conflict of interest.

LD (Atlanta, GA)  almost 12 years ago

@KK - thanks for the input, but to answer your question - LH's post is exactly why I wouldn't want to sign any exclusivity contracts. I want to be able to accept ALL work that comes my way, regardless of who got it for me. It's hard to believe that any one agency would have exposure to ALL work that any of their talent may be considered for. So why put all your eggs into one basket? Again I'm new to this business, but it only makes sense to me that an agency should get a cut of the work that THEY book you for, but they should NOT restrict you from obtaining work from other agents.

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