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AM (Ann Arbor, MI)  over 11 years ago

I recently responded to an ad online for a modeling project. I received an email back saying that they want me to do a test shoot first. This will be the first gig I've gotten on my own and I'm not sure exactly what a test shoot entails. Is it customary? Does this mean I got the gig and they just want to try some things out first? Should I be signing anything? I'm hoping to respond to this person as soon as possible if seems legit.

I can share the actual email privately if someone at TalentSoup can help.


AM (Ann Arbor, MI)  over 11 years ago

Thanks for the insight. I was told it was for a portfolio and possible editorial, but there weren't many details. I have directed this person to use the "book me" button on my Webcomp. It seems like the safest thing to do since I don't know anything about this person.

Thanks again. :)

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