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MM (Suwanee, GA)  over 11 years ago

ive been adding photos and it said they were "added succesfully" but i dont see them in my photos. do they need to be approved?

JO (Melrose, MA)  over 11 years ago

i cannot upload new photos, please help me do so. i am not very competent in this area (obviously) but i will get better. i have some fantastic photos and need to replace my outdated ones. thank you.

jo o

SS (Chicago, IL)  about 11 years ago

When I hit the upload button and try to upload a photo, the path appears with a piece of the path called "fake path" and no photo gets uploaded. What am I doing wrong?

Eric (Staff)  almost 11 years ago

@SS. Ignore the Fakepath text. That's our system linking to the file you've chosen.
First, be sure your file ends in .jpg or .png. No other file formats will work for photos.
Once you've selected Choose File, you obviously choose the photo you want to add. Click Choose after you've made the selection and you are taken back to the Choose File page. Then click Upload and you should see a little barber-pole graphic indicating your upload is happening. Here's a quick video to help

AL (Savannah, GA)  almost 10 years ago

I see the barber-pole but it will not upload. It has been over an hour and still nothing. I even tryed loging out but it is doing the same thing.

Eric (Staff)  almost 10 years ago

Hey @AL. Send a couple of photos to chef AT and we'll have a look. Typically, it's either your network (your ISP) or the file type. We'll get it fixed!

MP (Alpharetta, GA)  almost 7 years ago

My photos keep being turned when uploading and it won't let me change it after its uploaded. They are correct in my original files and I'm also trying to pick Vertical poses. Any suggestions?

JM (Snellville, GA)  over 6 years ago

Same as MP! My photos are rotating...

Eric (Staff)  over 6 years ago

Hey JM
you'll need to use the photo software on your computer to fix this.
What's happening is that the image file is actually not oriented correctly but today's "smart" photo software can detect that. So it displays it correctly but in reality it's still sideways.
Often exporting a photo that looks correct into a new file will save the photo rotated properly. Then upload that version.

Eric (Staff)  about 4 years ago

Hey Hosea. We are working on the mobile version of Webcomp but for now, you'll need a computer to move your photos.
Or, email with the order and we'll move them for you.

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