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EK (Alpharetta, GA)  over 10 years ago

I uploaded a video but its not showing up on my page. There's a space but no video

Eric (Staff)  over 10 years ago

@EK - Youtube is the likely problem. When you click SHARE under a YouTube video, you'll see a shortened URL. THAT WON'T WORK.
Click OPTIONS then check the box that says Long Link. Copy THAT URL (starts like this and paste that into your Webcomp Add A Video box. That should do it!

Eric (Staff)  over 10 years ago

@BA - email Chef and we'll have a look.

SK (Mc Donough, GA)  over 8 years ago

Having trouble adding a link to my vimeo video:

Eric (Staff)  over 8 years ago

Hey Shannon. Looks like you got it working

Eric (Staff)  over 8 years ago

Be sure to check the permissions you set for your video. If they are not set to PUBLIC, they won't be viewable in your Webcomp. If that's the case, you'll get the deletion email.

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