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AT (Lawrenceville, GA)  about 10 years ago

How quick is the review after submission to a project is sent?
I want to know if we should be waiting for 2 days just to find out that we don't get booked or is there still a chance we would get it.

Eric (Staff)  about 10 years ago

@AL - Every project is different unfortunately. If the project allows us to post publicly, then information and updates will show up on the blog. If not, then you won't know until you get an email letting you know the project closed. Just as we send all talent emails when they are submitted (and usually an Availability Request email), we also email all talent that were submitted for a project when the project closes and talent are booked. I wish we could be more specific about every project but confidentiality agreements often dictate what we can release about a casting.

AT (Lawrenceville, GA)  about 10 years ago

Great info Chef. Last time though when a project had closed I didn't get an email, & I was submitted to that. However, I understand it better now. Thank you so much, really appreciate it.

Ps (Atlanta, GA)  about 10 years ago

Hi, Ive had my talent soup for a while now, and I haven't gotten submitted for absolutely ANYTHING! and also, I received an email from talent soup saying that I should receive an email saying that my account is ready to start being submitted into projects, but I never got that email.. so is my account like, not activated? PLEASE HELP!!!

Eric (Staff)  about 10 years ago

@PS - According to the log, your account was added 6 days ago but without any images. Now that you've loaded photos, you should have gotten the Approved email and your account is activated. Without photos, our system would not submit you. Also, realize that, while the Atlanta market is very busy for us, you may not match every project that's active. If you don't fit the client criteria, then of course you won't be served to that project for consideration.
Welcome to the Soup Perla!

AT (Lawrenceville, GA)  about 10 years ago

Any one has any info about Project #707 yet? Just wondering if they have went through the selection yet & have chosen talents for it.

Eric (Staff)  about 10 years ago

@AT - No selects yet. Watch the blog for status updates.

AT (Lawrenceville, GA)  almost 10 years ago

I love the new improvement. I have a question, though, about the "Archive of Availability Requests" on "History" tab. When it says "Closed" next to the project, does that mean the project itself has been closed? Or, the "Availability
Requests" has been closed?
Just wondering. Thanks.

Eric (Staff)  almost 10 years ago

@AT - Glad you like the new design elements...we've got more coming!
"Closed" means the project itself has closed. The client has made final talent decisions and all talent have been booked.
Availability request remains open for the duration of the project because clients may make date changes to the shoot date, at which point the system sends a new availability request out.

Eric (Staff)  over 9 years ago

@EM - Thanks for the feedback! We are working hard to change our industry for the better and truly appreciate you noticing we ARE different!
Clients can search regionally and nationally but typically constrain their searches to one or two hundred miles of their shoot city. We are booking talent up and down the East coast so if Emma fits a client search criteria, she's submitted automatically.

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