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TN (Austell, GA)  almost 11 years ago

Do i have to submit myself if so then how or do they do it for me. do i get emails for possible rolls

MW (Atlanta, GA)  almost 11 years ago

The Chef (Rad Harrell) makes sure you get an email - if you have selected that option - once you have been submitted. The client looks through the gallery and selects you, so there is no self submitting (at least not right now :-)

Eric (Staff)  almost 11 years ago

@TN- Your Webcomp is used to match you to fitting projects. Clients give us criteria, and the system shows them relevant talent in the shoot city (a search radius). We send emails out when you are searched on, when you are submitted (usually asking about availability) and of course, upon booking. We always email AND call for bookings.

Your submission record can also be found in your History tab.

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