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CR (Cartersville, GA)  over 11 years ago

I noticed all working talent has a web site I want to work to but financially not able to invest a lot of money in upgrading and pictures
and extras to get the great jobs. so what options do I have? I want a new life!

Eric (Staff)  over 11 years ago

@CR. When you sign up, for free with the Entry account, you get a shareable portfolio. Good photos can be had with an inexpensive digital camera these days (don't use a phone) and that will get you started. Pro accounts, for $5 a month, have lots of benefits but one is certainly a custom URL ( but even the Entry Webcomp has a free URL with it.
Note that ALL talent, regardless of Entry or Pro account, are submitted to projects if they match the client criteria (location, demographics, etc). So get in the Soup!

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