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KB (Lawrenceville, GA)  about 10 years ago

When you attend a closed casting call and have to fill out what agency you are represented by, what do you put if you have no agency? in the past, I have just put Talentsoup, but what should I be putting?

Eric (Staff)  about 10 years ago

@KB - Great question. We've got 2 talent categories in they system: Independent and Represented. Independent means we deal directly with the talent for all jobs (availability, booking, etc) and they make their own decisions. Note that some Independent talent in our marketplace may have an agent, but for our projects, they've chosen to be independent. So we don't interact with their agent even if they have one for anything.
Represented means that an agency has registered with us via the Agency portal, and then invited their talent to TalentSoup to be submitted to our jobs, under their management. In those cases, we deal directly with the agency for booking and billing.

When we send talent, regardless of Independent or Represented in our system. to a casting, the client gets a list of attending talent and their status. So putting TalentSoup is always accurate, even if you're registered in TalentSoup with an agency. Listing an agency that's not signed up with us won't matter, because the client is booking all talent through us. That's part of what they hire us for.

Put simply, if we've sent you, then listing TalentSoup is always the right response but listing another agency won't really matter, because the client has hired us to provide the talent, and all the project talent are getting booked through us.

On a side note, if your agency is not signed up with us, make the suggestion. Then email the Chef and we'll manually connect your Webcomp to your agency.

TK (Mt Juliet, TN)  almost 10 years ago

I was already registered with Talent Soup, and then my agent registered later.

I've tried to use the "invite" link that she sent me, so that I can be linked to her agency on the Soup, but it has not worked.

There is no corresponding link from my account to her agency.

Please advise. Thank you.

Eric (Staff)  almost 10 years ago

@TK - You can simply email and we'll link you to your agency.

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