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Eric (Staff)  over 13 years ago

1) Who are we looking for and what does Talent mean?

TalentSoup loves people and we've learned that the new face of advertising, for a lot of companies, looks like you. Yes, you. Professional model with years of experience, fresh face just getting your feet wet, actor with some stage time, or someone with no experience whatsoever. The Soup contains models that command $8000 for a day's worth of work and grandmothers that make $100 an hour and are in it for the fun and experience. Regardless, we have a spot for you and we'd love to serve you up to our client's advertising media projects.

We define Talent this way:

  • Professional Model: Free Agent or Represented (have your agent contact us for more information about how we can play together), Experienced, having earned a minimum $1000 day rate in the last year. Tear sheets in your profile as well as your comp card are ideal to maximize your rate

  • Fresh Face: New to modeling, independent or represented, some experience but needing to build more work for your portfolio. Made less than $1000 per day in the last year. No tear sheets or examples. Should have a comp card or at least some pro images in your Profile

  • Actors: We book lots of actors for projects that need a unique look in front of the camera and our pool of actors never let us down. You might fall somewhere in the range of Pro or Fresh.

  • Real People: Yep, pretty obvious here. Babies to Grandmothers, we've got them all in every shade and size you can imagine. We love our Real People and our clients do too!

2) Do I need to live in a certain location to get in the Soup?

No, TalentSoup talent live all over the U.S. Your zip code will help Clients find talent around their project city. Amazingly, Talent from all over the world are signing up right now! Okay, maybe not at this exact second but you get it...

3) What does it cost for Talent to sign up?

Our business model is built on booking talent, not selling them a worthless web page. You decide how to partner with us (free or paid) and yes, Entry Brands get submitted to relevant projects, not just paid Brands. Here is more info-

  • 3 ways we can work together: Pro, Dev or Entry Brands.
  • Pro and Dev have monthly fees but keep all of their fees when booked. Entry has no monthly fee but we keep 20% of your payment when we book you.
  • We believe in trust, communication and transparency. If you have a question, ask it. We'll do our best to be open and honest. There are lots of folks out there taking advantage of Talent and we'll never be one of them.

4) What is required to sign up?

To sign up all you have to do is:
 A)Fill out the online form. 
B)Upload photos (remember, the higher the quality photos you use the better your chances at getting booked. Use clear images that show off your look and personality. Of course, if you are a hand model, be sure to include some hand shots. The same is true for swimwear and lingerie. We want to see you and what you normally look like on a day-to-day basis too. We are looking for CLEAR photos that capture your personality.)
. C) Once we receive your completed Webcomp, it will be reviewed by a Talent Chef and you will receive an e-mail confirming that your profile has been activated for clients to consider for their project.

5) Can I edit or remove my information? How do I remove my profile?

ALWAYS! You have total control over what information you provide, adding or removing images and the types of jobs you want to be considered for. Just remember your login and password. We make every effort to provide real value for our talent but know that sometimes we'll part ways. Cancelling your account is easy. Just go to the Communication Settings tab in your Webcomp, scroll to the bottom and click the button that says CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. Follow the instructions and you are done. Of course, we'd welcome you back should something change.

6) Who has access to my information?

None of your information is accessible by the public, ever. Zip, zilch, nada.

TalentSoup takes confidentiality very seriously. Once you are preliminarily selected for a specific project, our client will have access to only your photos and sizes. Once you are booked, your phone number will be given to the project manager for scheduling. We will never sell or knowingly provide your information for any purpose other than those outlined in our Terms Of Use. Your Webcomp is only available when you send it out, and the Public Link has all contact information removed as well as displaying your First Name and first letter of your Last Name.

7) What is the relationship between us?

We value our partnership and work with Talent's best interests in mind. You are not represented by us, you are only presented by us. You are listed in our marketplace, where we provide you opportunities for success. We will present you with opportunities, it is up to you to accept or decline them. We coordinate the details, then it's up to you to shine! Because we are brokering projects, lots of small modeling agencies have chosen to get all of their Talent in the Mix.

8) How do I get work?

When TalentSoup Clients present a project with Talent needs that fit your look, we will submit you. It's automatic so the Client gets to see exactly the look they need and no one plays favorites.
 It's that easy. Keep your profile current so we can locate you when a job comes your way.

9) What kind of projects will I be submitted for?

We book talent in ALL types of media projects (photography, video, film) but concentrate on advertising media. Some of the busiest areas are: lifestyle, fashion, business-to-business, marketing materials, non-profit, advertising and promotion...from local companies to international corporations, we handle it all.
In your Webcomp, you select the Types of projects you want to be considered for. This ensures we match the right looks to the right projects, and you don't get submitted for something you are not up for.

10) How much will I earn and how do I get paid?

That depends on the project and your experience level. Seasoned Models start at $150 an hour plus Usage, with Real People generally starting at $100 an hour (for adults). If you are chosen for a project, we will present you with the project compensation and you decide if you are interested. TalentSoup projects typically pay you the day of the shoot but always within 30 days of the booking.

11) What kind of commitment does this require?

Most projects take place during the work-week. Some projects may require a flexible schedule but usually give you some notice when the photo shoot / film project will take place.

12) How can I create multiple Webcomps for my kids?

Our system is case sensitive so you can use a parent's email address for multiple kids. Here's how:

  • Capitalize one letter of your email address for each child's Webcomp. So Mom's Webcomp that is registered with could use for one child, and for another, and for yet another. Each different capitalization is seen by our system as a unique email.

  • Passwords can be the same across multiple Webcomps without issue

Thats it! Remember to keep your children's photos updated at least every 4 months. Your kids may not get submitted with old photos.

If you still have questions, please e-mail

ER (Jonesboro, GA)  over 13 years ago

So some of my pictures are not uploading and I dont know why

SM (Kapaa, HI)  over 13 years ago

I would like to be reviewed again and given some suggestions on how to get noticed and get some work. thank you.

JM (CANTON, GA)  over 13 years ago

I am interested in film and print auditions, especially film!
Currently cast in a Principle role in FOXX FILES, and independent project that begins filming in late March 201o. (BV Media)
Also, I am involved in "on camera" classes with Della Cole and Bob Harter at Your Act. I would highly recommend them, they are great and know their stuff.
Please advise on any feedback from my profile. Thank you!

jc (Decatur, GA)  over 13 years ago

When I look in the 'History" and see that you submitted me on a particular project---how can I look up that project to see what it is about?

MM (Smyrna, GA)  over 13 years ago

If I was submitted to a casting and I am currently being considered. Please advise me what my next step should be. Thanks

MM (Dukinfield, England)  over 13 years ago

Is it just for america or can Uk sign up as well

SF (Alpharetta, GA)  over 13 years ago

I have not been submitted or considered for any jobs yet, is there something I can do?

WL (Egypt Lake Leto, FL)  over 13 years ago

I have been considered for a project...but I don't know who considered me or for can I find out? Thank you :)

TH (Smyrna, GA)  over 13 years ago

Why does it say im older than i am?

AA (Powder Springs, GA)  about 13 years ago

I just set my profile up today and I am excited!! I hope to be considered for a job soon..

GD (Los Angeles, CA)  about 13 years ago

This site has done nothing for me. I hardly even remember that I have this profile... I don't understand this web site either because... uh, where are the castings, etc?!

TM (Marietta, GA)  about 13 years ago

I just signed up but i didn't put any pics yet!any suggestion what kind of pose they looking for?or what kinda clothes to wear?thnx in advance!

NL (Marietta, GA)  about 13 years ago

Greetings Chef, I am new to Talent Soup and wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Kind regards for Atlanta, Georgia.

SC (Lawrenceville, GA)  about 13 years ago

Ready to work!! Glad I found this website!

VL (Conyers, GA)  almost 13 years ago

I was wondering if ya'll could help me out, and give me a few modeling agent suggestions that are LEGIT, I keep finding scams!

VL (Conyers, GA)  almost 13 years ago

I have been on here for a few months now & i've gotten nothing, so I need some help.

JO (Kennesaw, GA)  over 11 years ago

JO (Atlanta, GA) I have been a member for approx one year and have had no luck either. I don't get it.

Eric (Staff)  over 11 years ago

@JO - First, the new candids you added look great, as clients really like to see more than just studio work in your Webcomp. Your existing portfolio images only show part of your look. Remember that fashion is not a huge part of our business. We are focused on advertising media. As such, make sure you have photos that look your age too. Diversity wins the day every time. Client's need to see lots of different looks (settings, wardrobe, etc) to help them imagine you in their project. Hang in there. Know this business is a marathon, not a sprint. There are no easy paths to success!

JH (Lawrenceville, GA)  almost 11 years ago

My son has been submitted for 10 projects, but has not been chosen for any casting calls! Are we doing something wrong with the photos we have posted, he really is cute!!!!

Eric (Staff)  almost 11 years ago

@JH - First, remember that this is a very competitive business. While I'm sure your son is photogenic, there are many factors that go into getting booked. I'd suggest mixing up his photos, changing the Main image, etc. to see if that helps change things. As they say, in this business, you've got to kiss a lot of frogs. Hang in there!

AM (Meansville, GA)  over 10 years ago

Hello! My name is Brittany Miller and I have added my 3 children to work as extras in Atlanta Ga and surrounding areas. Amber 7, Sam 4, Evy 5mo. Please call soon...they love our "city trips" because we mall hop.

RW (Marietta, GA)  over 10 years ago

Hello, I was wondering why my daughter has not been submitted for any jobs. Does no one ask for teen african american girls? Ever?

Eric (Staff)  over 10 years ago

@RW - First, your daughter is adorable! We've reviewed her Webcomp and it looks great. Digging deeper we see she was last submitted in December of 2012. Unfortunately, that's the last project we've managed that needer her demographic. She's in a bit of an age limbo, as projects typically shop for younger or older girls. Hang in there!

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