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ER (Atlanta, GA)  over 12 years ago

Good Morning Soup! A quick idea? Have you considered allowing child talent to be Branded ( soup style, not like cattle) for free, then keep an 80/20 split when booked?

AW (Atlanta, GA)  over 12 years ago

that seems like a great idea, and make it easier to market kids and teens.

JC (Lawrenceville, GA)  over 12 years ago

i agree

SC (Carrollton, GA)  about 12 years ago

Thats a good idea

PW (Atlanta, GA)  about 12 years ago

I agree. This is a great idea!

RW (Marietta, GA)  almost 12 years ago

This is an excellent idea!

xc (South Gate, CA)  almost 12 years ago

that will be great to be able to go straigth into castings needing kids it will save lots of time:)

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