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er (Decatur, GA)  about 13 years ago

How does one find out abt these projects?
I am hell on wheels with a Stihl back pack leaf blower, other tools...
would have liked the opp. to audition.
Do I need to check your site daily for possible gigs? or do you notify

er (Decatur, GA)  about 13 years ago

Hi..I am signed up with you. I know I don't fit the bill for the Florida shoot..but Home Depot???

Oh well.. hope something comes along for a 50+ y.o active woman sometime.

RW (Marietta, GA)  about 13 years ago

Was I submitted for the Florida shoot? II am a good fit for the kid casting. I can travel.

CR (Cartersville, GA)  about 13 years ago

I would love to be considered for a paying project, due to my brand does this determine if you get a paying gig or not? times are certainly hard. I just want to do what I love.

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