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AM (Atlanta, GA)  about 13 years ago

I really liked how the 'old' site listed the date and category (lifestyle, extra, fashion, etc.) when you were submitted for a project. Often I would take notice of this when sometimes and sometimes not I would get an email. Will the 'new' updated site show this also? Hope so. Thanks.

AM (Atlanta, GA)  about 13 years ago

One more thing ... Will it / is it possible to place your photos in your own desired order, or will it be be randomly placed as before. That's all the questions. Thank you for all your help and hard work.

AM (Atlanta, GA)  almost 13 years ago

just a quick question -- starting with january of this year, i have been considered each month for projects ... until this month when the new webcomp began. my questions are -- is it harder to 'get noticed' on the new webcomp ... was i temporarily 'thrown out' ... or have i failed to do something that keeps me being seen? and also -- is it still to my advantage to remain as a developing brand with the new webcomp or should i upgrade ... or is it now just as good and/or the same as dropping back down to the free entry level? thanks for all your help.

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