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SK (Atlanta, GA)  about 12 years ago

Lets start a thread here if anyone in the Soup has landed a job here, tell the rest of us about your experiences. It would be nice to know how many people are actually getting work.

SK (Atlanta, GA)  about 12 years ago

If you have not got any bookings or jobs post that info too.

JE (Stockbridge, GA)  almost 12 years ago

Soon after I created dashboards for my husband and 3 children, they all were each submitted for 3 Lifestyle projects in the last couple of bites yet, but were keeping our fingers crossed. Thanks Soup!

CM (Roswell, GA)  almost 12 years ago

3 months, 5 submissions, 1 job win. my kid gets pre-selected for closed calls often. ( atlanta)

NR (Mc Donough, GA)  over 11 years ago

4 years and no bookings.

Eric (Staff)  over 11 years ago

@NR - Some thoughts. First, you are in the largest active African American media market in the U.S. and your demographics put you squarely in a highly competitive (read, lots of talent) segment. Second, as of now, you've only got 2 head shots in your Webcomp. While they are good shots, client's want to see more of the talent. 2 shots doesn't give anyone a good idea of how you look in different wardrobe, settings, moods, etc.
Lastly, are you promoting yourself outside of TalentSoup? Are you using all the tools we give you for free, to maximize the odds of you landing work?
I'm not making excuses and I wish there was a magic formula in this business but as you know, their is not one. The system has submitted you for 18 projects based on the Job Types you indicated you'd like to be submitted for. Perhaps its time to try something new to see if we can up your impact?

ss (Charlestown, MA)  over 11 years ago

Hi never had a booking yet over 1 yr

LM (Atlanta, GA)  about 11 years ago

I've been on for over a year, been submitted to over 20 different projects, and have never landed anything via talentsoup. However, I book often outside the soup, both locally and throughout the US, and have an agent that regularly gets me work.

Eric (Staff)  almost 11 years ago

@LM - If you aren't seeing traction from your Webcomp we'd suggest changing things up. Perhaps refreshed photos, or a new Main image. One advantage of our system is you are in control and can tweak constantly if needed to find the right mix of photos.

Eric (Staff)  almost 11 years ago

And for those folks that would like to see our talent at work, there's the, well, Work Blog.

LM (Atlanta, GA)  almost 11 years ago

I'm already updating my page as often as I get new images. The same photos that I use here are the same ones that book me work outside of the soup.

DR (Atlanta, GA)  about 10 years ago

I booked Wellsfargo about two years ago.

Eric (Staff)  about 10 years ago

Hang in there folks...this is a highly competitive industry.
For some inspiration hit
and our own blog

AT (Stratford, CT)  almost 9 years ago

I am in Metro NYC area - I see a lot of Atlanta talk here. Do NYC jobs get promoted and booked here?

Eric (Staff)  almost 9 years ago

Hey Ava.
Good question and yes, we do promote and book NYC projects. We've got great talent in the city and we are working hard to get deeper into that market.
We end up booking a fair amount of NY talent oddly in Miami, as the winter season ramps up there regarding productions. Thanks for the question!

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