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BH (Atlanta, GA)  over 12 years ago

Hello all! I figured that I would chime in and say that I have known Rad for quite some time. He and I go back a couple of years, as a matter of fact Rad helped me book one of my first projects years ago when I was still playing minor league baseball.

Talentsoup works for those whom help themselves. This industry is a job and harder than most because there is so much talent and clients have a certain look, style, personality, etc that they are looking for when selecting talent for a project. So just as you would for any job you need to work hard and that includes, keeping your photos update, taking classes or workshops if needed. talentsoup will do the rest. I still have a webcomp and get submitted for a lot of projects and book. The most recent being signed a contract with Graco Baby Company to be one of their new Dads for their 2011-2012 Campaign. Listen I can tell everyone that if you fit talentsoup will submit and from that point it's up to the client to book you if you are what they are looking for . I now have and agent, manager and publicist and still get rejected for certain project because I am not what they want at that moment. Something we all have to learn to accept in this business, however if you put in the work, stay diligent, committed and dedicated to your craft you will book.

Think Positive Always!!!

All The Best


JO (Kennesaw, GA)  about 12 years ago

Thank you Mr. Bradford for sharing this information with us.

All the best to you!


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