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EM (Alpharetta, GA)  over 11 years ago


I was thrilled to see that entry level profiles can have resumes now. I uploaded mine and can see it when I'm logged in...However, it doesn't appear when I view my public Webcomp. There's a "So-and-so hasn't uploaded a resume yet" message that shows up instead.

Is there a lag time between when a pdf or word doc (resume) is uploaded and when it appears on the Webcomp? My videos show, and I added them at the same time as the resume.

I'm trying to submit for something that requires a url with a headshot and resume -- and wow, would I look silly if the resume wasn't showing.


Eric (Staff)  over 11 years ago

Hey EM. We are looking into this right now. If it's a bug it will get squashed!

EM (Alpharetta, GA)  over 11 years ago

Oooh! It finally worked. Never mind. :) Maybe it wasn't fully approved last time. Thanks a bunch.

Eric (Staff)  over 11 years ago

EM. You were not crazy, we had a bug. Must have killed it right before you tried again!

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