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MH (Smyrna, GA)  over 12 years ago

I have a question about the clicks on your stats.....what is the category:

Email Clients, IM, AIR Apps, and Direct

I understand the facebook one but not sure who falls under this category. Thanks so much!!!!

Eric (Staff)  over 12 years ago

Hi @MH.

Email clients are applications like Outlook and Outlook Express, or on the Mac.

IM is Instant Message, like AIM or iChat.

AIR apps are usually Twitter clients built on the Adobe AIR platform, like Tweetdeck.

Direct is opening a browser and typing your Webcomp's address in the address bar.

So if anyone visits your Webcomp coming from one of these origins, it will show up in the "Email Clients, IM, AIR Apps, and Direct " categories.

Hope this helps!

BB (Mc Donough, GA)  almost 12 years ago

so what is wecomp? who do you email..

Eric (Staff)  almost 12 years ago

@BB - Webcomp is the vehicle we use to book talent. It's a typical portfolio, with photos (Pro accounts add unlimited photos, video, tear sheets and a resume) but its equipped with powerful sharing, self promotion and booking tools as well.
Where you send your Webcomp is up to you. Our most successful talent are constantly promoting themselves outside of TalentSoup using the Twitter and Facebook buttons and they are submitting themselves to work they find on various casting boards, FB posts, etc.
Here are videos on getting the most out of your Webcomp -

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