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Productions Of All Flavors


Pro Talent And Real People, Ready To Work

We are a talent marketplace. So you'll shop from agency talent, independent talent and real people. See only the type of talent your project needs, searchable by location, physical characteristics and more. We even check availability automatically! And if we don't have a solid talent selection in the city where you are shooting, we'll create a digital casting for you at no cost!


Project Tools For Easy Collaboration

Most productions have several "cooks" in the kitchen making talent selections. Sometimes this slows things down but choosing great talent in the Soup is fast and simple for everyone. And we'll handle maps, brings, and other specifics to make booking a breeze!


Book And Wrap With Ease

Payments and releases and taxes, oh my! Our clients find serenity in writing a single check to us. In return, we'll handle everything, including talent payroll and digitally signed releases. All presented to you in a lovely digital Doggy Bag upon wrapping. We strive to make talent the easiest part of our client's production. From soup to nuts, we aim to please.