Talent Booking Terms


We exist to serve producers and image makers great talent and excellent service. As a talent marketplace, NOT an agency, we do things a little different-

Use of talentsoup.com / creativecommissary.com does not obligate you in anyway. Booking Terms apply only when we've found the right talent for your project and you book those talent.

  • TALENT PAYMENT / AGENCY FEES: All projects are billed NET30, with 2% penalty assessed for late payments. We reserve the right to require 100% advanced payment for new clients or low-budget projects. Any advanced payment is held in Escrow until the project shoots, Releases are signed and you are satisfied. This policy helps us pay our talent within 72 hours which creates highly motivated talent.
  • CANCELLATION / DELAY: If your project cancels after booking, a penalty may apply. Less than 24 hour notice will be billed 100% of the quoted Session / Day talent rate with agency fee (no usage fees). Less than 48 hour notice incurs a flat 50% of Session per talent as penalty. WEATHER DELAYS will not be subject to penalty but WEATHER CANCELLATIONS, without rescheduling, will be subject to the penalty.
  • EXPENSES: Any additional fees or expenses are paid by Client. This could include mileage, travel, per diem, parking, entry fees, manicures, etc. These additional expenses must be paid by client unless otherwise negotiated and noted in a signed Quote or email exchange.
  • OVERTIME: Overtime is subject to additional fees. Talent are quoted on an industry-standard 8 hour day. Hours 9, 10 and 11 are billed at 1.5 x the hourly rate. Hours 12 and above are billed at 2 x the hourly rate. Subject to additional Agency fees.
  • OUR ROLE: TalentSoup is a brokerage and as such, we are not contractually bound to our talent, nor are they to us. We provide terms and fees to our client to book talent in our system, and once agreed upon, we take those project terms to the selected talent. All Rights / Usage agreements are between the client and the booked talent.
  • WORKING WITH TALENT: You agree, Creative Commissary, LLC is not liable for misrepresentation, tardiness, or any issue related to, or caused by, talent that might cause harm to you, your client, or the project, or result in financial harm. You agree to accept any liability associated with using our talent and our service. You release Creative Commissary, LLC from any liability affecting your project, brand, service, or client. While problems are rare, we will do everything we can to keep your project on track and running smoothly. We are in the talent business, not the legal business, which means we strive for a happy clients, not happy lawyers.
  • USAGE / RIGHTS (TERMS): Talent are advised of the Usage and contractual terms prior to their shoot date. When they agree to a booking, no further changes can be made to the Terms without review by TalentSoup. Additional fees, and possibly rejection by talent, are likely if Terms change after booking. All Releases are subject to review and approval by Creative Commissary, LLC upon request. Talent are advised to not sign any release outside the scope, or with additional terms, not negotiated prior to booking. We reserve the right to hold Talent Rights Releases in escrow until full payment is made.