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Age: 29 Height: 6'-1" Weight: 160 lbs.

Bryan Justin Merritt

Height: 6’1”

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black


  • ‘American Soul’ Ep. 101 Dancer Chor: Fatima Robinson
  • Lucky Larry aka “Bad Luck” Choreographer Dir: Kitao Sakurai
  • Sundance’s ‘Hap & Leonard’ Ep. 303 Actor Dir: Abe Sylvia
  • Sundance’s ‘Hap & Leonard’ Ep. 303 Choreographer Dir: Abe Sylvia
  • Sundance’s ‘Hap & Leonard’ Ep. 303 Dancer Dir: Abe Sylvia
  • FOX’s ‘STAR’ Ep. 303 Dancer Dir: Bille Woodruff
  • FOX’s ‘STAR’ Ep. 209 Dancer Dir: Bille Woodruff
  • FOX’s ‘STAR’ Ep. 105 Dancer Dir: Katee Sackhoff
  • FOX’s ‘STAR’ Ep. 111 Dancer Dir: Paul McCrane
  • FOX’s ‘STAR’ Ep. 112 Dancer Dir: Tamra Davis
  • ‘Step Up’ The Series Dancer Chor: Jamal Sims
  • BET Hip Hop Awards ’16 Dancer Chor: Sean Bankhead
  • Red Hook Summer Singer Dir: Spike Lee


  • Ingenuity Baby Actor Dir: Leah Ruth
  • 800 Water Damage “Technician” Model/Actor Dir: Carelton Holt
  • DUCTZ “Worker” Model Dir: Carelton Holt

Live/Stage Performances

  • iHeartRadio Honda Stage “Star” Dancer Dir: Lee Daniels
  • FOX Upfronts 2017 Dancer Chor: Sean Bankhead
  • iHeartRadio/z100 Jingle Ball 2015  “5th Harmony Dancer Chor: Sean Bankhead
  • OMG Girlz – All Around the World Tour ‘13 Dancer Chor: Sean Bankhead
  • Atlanta Int’l Fashion Week ‘ATTOM’ Model Dir: * ATTOM Switzerland/AIFW
  • Joseph E. Lowery Birthday Celebration Singer Lead: Aretha Franklin
  • Jospeh E. Lowery Birthday Celebration Singer Lead: Stevie Wonder
  • NASDAQ: Stock Market Bell Ringing Singer Dir: David Morrow


  • Vince Pisani Ongoing On Camera
  • The Robert Mello Studio Ongoing Meisner Technique
  • Highwire Comedy Ongoing Improv/Comedy
  • Kate Brown Ongoing Scene Study
  • Jeremy O’Keefe Workshop TV/Film Auditioning
  • Morgan Rydson Workshop Alexander Technique
  • Tim Phillips Studio Masterclass On Camera
  • Tim Phillips Studio Masterclass Script Analysis
  • Alliance Theater Voice-Over Workshop Gloria Martin

Special Skills

Acting, modeling, hip hop dance and choreography, voice overs, singing (tenor; up to an A above middle C), sight-reading, choir directing, piano playing, swimming, driving, waiter, weight training, bicycling, ability to do accents and READ other languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish), able to navigate and utilize computers