Rachel W.   Garden City, MI   (CMT Agency)  Book Me

Age: 40 Height: 5'-7" Weight: 135 lbs.

Commercial Print

Client: Volkswagen Role: Wardrobe Model (May 2016)

Client: Team Detroit/Ford Flex Role: Traveling Wife + Mother (July 2015)

Client: Dunham's Sports Role: Active Woman (Oct 2014)

Client: Ally Auto Role: Tech Savvy Wife + Homeowner (June 2014)

Client: Sony Digital Days Role: Workshop Subject (Sep 2012)

Client: Nic Reno Foto Role: Test Shoot Model (Feb 2012)

Client: Ariel Taub + Le Salon Bridal Role: Upscale Bride (Jan 2012)

Client: Real Style/Design Detroit Role: Stylish Traveler (Jan 2012)

Client: Loiselle & Associates Role: Tax Client (Dec 2011)

Commercial Video

Client: Relentless Drive Role: Vehicle Owner (Feb 2016)

Client: Dr. Robert Bedrosian/Daytona Pharmaceuticals Role: Patient (Mar 2014)

Client: Baker College Role: Test Shoot Model/Student (Dec 2013)

Client: XT 8000 Role: School Administrator (Aug 2013)

Client: BrianTheBanker Role: Client/Homeowner (May 2012)

Client: Metropolitan Windows and Improvements Role: Homeowner (Apr 2011)

Client: Lewis Financial Role: Interviewer (Apr 2011)

Client: MI Builders License Role: Tool Girl (Mar/Apr 2011)

Client: MoMetro Role: Cell Phone User (Jan 2011)

Live Events

Fit Model

Event: Volkswagen Wardrobe Selection Role: Volkswagen Product Specialist (Jun 2015)

Public Speaking

Event: NY Auto Show Role: Volkswagen Presenter (Mar 2016)

Event: Consumer Electronics Show Role: Volkswagen Presenter (Jan 2015 + 2016)

Event: BNI meetings Role: Business Owner (weekly 2006-2012)

Event: North American International Auto Show Role: Ford Presenter (Jan 2000)

Event: Group fitness classes Role: Fitness Instructor (weekly, 1999-2002)


Event: Bianchi’s Salon Accesories Catwalk Show Role: Runway Model/Bride (May 2012)

Event: Brides To Be Expo Show Role: Runway Model/Bride (Jan 2012)


Event: Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention Role: Public Witness (Jun 2014)

Event: Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention Role: Christina (Aug 2013)


Show: Live In The D Role: Working Actress/Model (Jan 2014)


Event: Auto Show Circuit (nationwide) Promoted: Volkswagen (Oct 2014-present)

Event: Global Materials Conference Promoted: Deutche Bank (yearly, Jun 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 + 2019)

Event: Mobile Learning Adventure Promoted: PNC Bank (Jun-Sep 2012-2016)

Event: Global Auto Industry Conference Promoted: Deutche Bank (Jan 2013, 2014, 2015 + 2016)

Event: Toledo Walk MS Promoted: Acorda Therapeutics (Mar 2014 + Apr 2015)

Event: Powerhouse + Forum Fitness classes Promoted: TruMoo (Oct 2014)

Event: Arts, Beats + Eats Promoted: NBA (Aug 2014)

Event: Store Opening Promoted: Cricket Wireless (Aug 2014)

Event: Life's Better In a Classic Promoted: Hagerty Insurance (July 2014)

Event: Taste of Mexico Promoted: P&G (June 2014)

Event: Lego Kidsfest Promoted: Lego (Apr 2014)

Event: Weak Signal RC Expo Promoted: RC Sport Flyer/Kiona Publishing (Apr 2014)

Event: Detroit Tiger's Opening Day Promoted: McDonald's (Mar 2014)

Event: WJLB, WRIF and WYCD radio campaigns Promoted: Applebee's (Mar 2014)

Event: Retro Fitness classes Promoted: Sargento (Feb 2014)

Event: North American International Auto Show Promoted: Volkswagen (Jan 2014)

Event: Woodward Dream Cruise Promoted: Pennzoil (Aug 2012)

Event: Corporate dinner Promoted: Microsoft/Glostream (Jun 2012)

Event: Snowmobile USA Promoted: Verizon Wireless (Nov 2011)

Event: Mich Ross School of Business event Promoted: J.P. Morgan (Oct 2011)

Event: Get Your Business Online seminars Promoted: Google (Sept-Oct 2011)

Event: General Assembly/Stamping Plant tours Promoted: General Motors (Sept 2011)

Event: Taylor Swift concert Promoted: Cover Girl (June 2011)

Event: LBN (Local Business Network) event Promoted: MoMetro (May 2011)

Event: B.O.M.A. at Eastern Market Promoted: All Waste (May 2011)

Event: Women Making Connections Expo Promoted: VC Web Design (Apr 2011)

Event: Wimsatt Tradeshows Promoted: MI Builders License (Mar–Apr 2011)

Event: I&K Food Show Promoted: Batter Blaster (Mar 2011)

Vocal Performances

Chang Gang: Congregation Party (Sep 2018)

Chang Gang: Wedding Reception (Dec 2016)

The Old Republic Band: Szalma Lumberjack Party (Oct 2016)

The Old Republic Band: Carpenter 80's Party (Jun 2016)

The Wicks: Mandarin Chinese language class (Jul 2015)

The Old Republic Band: International Convention Delegate Day (Jul 2014)

The Old Republic Band: Murphy Grad Party (Jun 2014)

The Roy Barron Band: Courtyard Marriott International Delegate Evening Programs (Jun + Jul 2014)

The Roy Barron Band: Embassy Suites International Delegate Evening Programs (Jun + Jul 2014)

The Old Republic Band: Meldrum Party (Nov 2013)

The Old Republic Band: Baumann Grad Party (Sep 2013)

The Old Republic Band: Hershey Party (Oct 2012)

The Old Republic Band: DeCarlo Party (Jul 2012)

The Wicks: Wedding Reception (Apr 2009)


Mandarin Chinese Life + Ministry Meetings (weekly, 2014-present)

Volkswagen Auto Show Product Specialist Training (yearly, Oct 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 + 2020)

Actorfest Workshop (May 2012)

Model Etiquette/Bridal Runway Sessions (Dec 2011)

Schoolcraft College Graphic Design Associates Degree (May 2004)

Theocratic Ministry School (weekly, 1990-2014)