Wingho L.   Duluth, GA   Book Me

Age: 42 Height: 5'-9" Weight: 155 lbs.

Atlanta Local

*Portray (20's - 50's) *Fluent in Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin) , and English


*Available upon request

New Media/Webisode

*A Beautiful Future: X.O., Supporting, Dir: Lacey Duke, Producer: Janelle Monae. *2018 The King of Bloody Fooking Britain, Supporting *2015 Shindig Studio Online Marketing Promo, Dancer


*2018 The Eye "Episode 9", Supporting/Penghou


*On Camera Comedy, Shari Shaw *On Camera Drama, Shari Shaw *Emotional Preparation, Thomas Scott II, The Actor's Gym *Viewpoints, Eliana Marianes Lundberg, The Rob Mello Studio *Acting Coach: Robert Pralgo with over (145 credits), Pralgo's Acting Class *Clowning, Ofir Nahari, 7 Stages


*2012Lake Norman's Next Top Model - Winner in the Male Category 2012 *2013Front Row Charlotte Fashion Show - Modeling for Nordstrom SouthPark *2013Charlotte Fashion Week - Modeling for Jordano's