SCOTT D.   Atlanta, GA   (Privilege Talent)  Book Me

Age: 52 Height: 6'-0" Weight: 185 lbs.

                                                         SCOTT DEAL                                                                                                                        
    Height: 6'0"     Weight: 180       Hair: Brown     Eyes: Hazel  


The Davenports, Lead, Dir. Catrina Pearson: Paid In Full , Lead, Dir. Nick Pavlovsky: Project Checkmate, Lead, Dir. Rahim Jamal : Dog Logic, Lead, Dir. Chris Fisher:


Homeland, Co-Star, SHOWTIME NETWORKS: National Geographic Exp., Co-Star, MSNBC : Criminal Minds , Supporting, A&E : Savannah, Supporting, WB : The Mentalist, Supporting, A&E:


Canon Cameras : Principle, Principle, CNN : Principle, Remax : Principle, Diet Coke : Principle,


John Weiland Homes, Remax, Canon, Commercial Credit, TransAmerica


Fawn Irish - Cold Reading Los Angeles ; Groundling's Improv Los Angeles ; Sandra Dorsey Studios Atlanta ; Tony Barr - Film Technique Los Angeles ; Tepper Gallegos Commercial Workshop Los Angeles;


Certified Fitness Instructor, Professional Tile Setter, Drummer, Singer(alto), Tennis,Golf, Volleyball, Mountain Biking,Valid Passport, Airline Employee ( local hire to most major cities )