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Five Questions With Tamara Reynolds

Tamara Reynolds is an award winning commercial, fine art and editorial photographer based in Nashville. Tamara is known for her ability to capture authenticity with her subjects. She is represented by RepGirl, Inc., and is a longtime TalentSoup client. Her production website is http://www.tamarareynoldsphotography.com/. This is part of our Featured Clients series.

How did you get started in photography?

I was on a trip to Europe in high school and I was painfully homesick. Taking pictures with my little 110 instamatic was one of the things that gave me comfort. I decided then that I'd go on with photography as my major in college. I tenaciously soldiered through until today.

Describe a shoot from last year you are really proud of.

I enjoy and am proud of most all the assignments and projects I have been given not only because the clients have faith in me but that we have completed a project together and typically with a smile on our faces. But pressured to name one I would say having had the cover of Reader's Digest. I have worked with them for many years and it was a wonderful compliment to be given the trust of the magazine.

What are some of the big trends you see coming in the next 5-10 years in the industry?

I have been shooting more motion/interviews/documentary style projects. I will be shooting a commercial this coming month.

What advice can you give to talent when they're on set?

Trust yourself and trust the crew.

Unrelated to work, what are you passionate about?

My photography.

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Published July, 2013.